A pre-wedding celebration is organized at Eleni’s parental house in Ligourio (Hani Merkouri) for all guests who will be arriving in Nafplio the day before our wedding with traditional Greek and Cypriot cuisine and lots of dancing to warm-up for the next day.

Both bride and groom will be getting ready for the ceremony at Ligourio; Eleni at her parental residence and Tasos at another accommodation nearby. Traditional music and songs will be accompanying the wedding preparations and you are more than welcome to join.

Following the ceremony, the wedding party will take place at AMALIA Hotel garden to eat, drink, sing and dance with us.

Whenever each one of you feels ready to get out of bed, you are invited to join us at Kantia beach for a relaxing (or not) swim and a few more drinks... The exact location will be uploaded soon.
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